UP Exchange

What is it?

Virtual Plenaries based on mission experiences of Adventist university students around the world. We believe building a Global movement starts with collaborative dialogue. That is why, as Adventist universities, we want to connect and share our Missionary experiences; including those of students who are not part of the Adventist Education Network.

First UP Exchange meeting

The first UP Exchange meeting will be on Saturday, September 26, 2020, starting at 11am (Argentina). We will have the participation of Campus Sagunto (Spain), Pacific Union College (USA), Middle East University (Lebanon) and Brazil Adventist University (Brazil). In addition, we will have the participation of a missionary university who doesn´t study within our Adventist Education Network.
On that date we will have a special workshop by Pr. Günther Wallauer, who is Director of ADRA in MENA. He will share a seminar on “Refugees in MENA”.


Day 1
26 Sep 2020
Günther Wallauer