Professor of Missiology in the graduate course at UNASP


Professor of Missiology in the graduate course at UNASP


He began the theology faculty in Brazil, but later he went to the Union College (Nebraska, USA) to complete his theological course. Then he completed a career in Business Administration. In 2001, he completed an MBA at La Sierra University (California, USA) focused on ecclesiastical reality.

His ministry experience began in Taunton, Massachusetts, in 2003, and he continued as a pastor in two districts in Brazil. During that time, he completed a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Theology from UNASP and was invited to teach at the Adventist College of Theology at UNASP-EC for four years.

From 2009 to 2014, Marcelo began a PhD in Mission and Ministry at Andrews University.

He has participated in various conferences on mission, and has also published academic and denominational journals. He published the book Evangelismo e Testemunho: sua autentica misao de apresentar Jesus às pessoas and  Guía SendMe: escolas de missões transculturais

He was the editor of Missao Intercultural: refletindo a realidade brasileira; Sociologia e Adventismo: desafíos brasileiros para a missão;  Missão e Voluntariado: teologia, historia e desafios atuais. 

He has been professor at the Faculty of Theology of UNASP, since 2105, in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs and as an honorary professor in the postgraduate programs of the UPEU (Peru). He directed the Nucleus of Missions from 2015-2019 and projects in 16 countries, involving more than 600 students.

He is married to Ana Claudia, who is graduated in educational psychology (Andrews University), and they have an 11-year-old daughter, named Alissa Lauren.

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CLASS 7: Hinduism

16 Oct 2020
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