School of Mission

Day 1
04 Sep 2020

CLASS 1 – Secular Mind

CLASS 1 (September 4): “Secular Mind” – Jonathan Contero (Director of Secular Mind in the GC for the Inter-European Division). The mentality of people has been changing over the years,...
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Day 2
11 Sep 2020

CLASS 2 – Buddhism

CLASS 2 (September 11): “Buddhism” – Yure Gramacho – Professor and coordinator of the Institute of Mission and Church Growth, at SALT-FADBA. Buddhism is one of the major religions in...
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Day 3
18 Sep 2020

CLASS 3 – Contextualizing (CULTURAL SHOCK)

CLASS 3 : Contextualizing (Cultural Shock) – Cheryl Doss – Director of Institute of World Mission We all grew up into a culture. That’s why when we live in another culture...
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Day 4
25 Sep 2020

CLASS 4 – Judaism

CLASS 4: “Judaism” – Ari Lattes (Adventist Pastor, Jewish descendant) Judaism is one of the most important monotheistic religions in the world. Even Christianity has its roots in this religion....
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Day 5
02 Oct 2020

CLASS 5: Overcoming Stereotypes

CLASS 5: “Overcoming Stereotypes” – Maijo Roth – Department of Family of the Spanish Union. Stereotypes and labels have created great barriers between people. That’s why beating them will help...
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Maijo Roth
Day 6
09 Oct 2020

CLASS 6: Islamism

CLASS 6 (October 9): “Islamism”. The Islam is one of the most widely followed religions in the world. Its beliefs and habits will be an interesting study. We invite you...
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Day 7
16 Oct 2020

CLASS 7: Hinduism

CLASS 7: “Hinduism” – Marcelo Dias – Professor of Missiology in the postgraduate program in UNASP. It’s always interesting to learn more about world religions, and Hinduism is one of...
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Day 8
23 Oct 2020

CLASS 8: World Mission

CLASS 8 (October 23): “World Mission” – Elbert Kuhn – Director AVS in the GC. Does the world need missionaries? What are the most challenging places to share the gospel?...
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Day 9
30 Oct 2020

CLASS 9: Digital Mission

CLASS 9: “Digital Mission” – Sam Neves (Associate Director of Communication in the GC) We live in an increasingly globalized world, where digital media is an important matter in people’s...
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Day 10
06 Nov 2020

CLASS 10: Mission in the Big Cities

CLASS 10: “Mission in the Big Cities” – Kleber Gonçalves – Director of the Center of Studies on Secularism and Postmodernity of the GC. Since biblical times, big cities have...
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UP Exchange

Day 1
26 Sep 2020
Günther Wallauer